Viber to bring a new Chatbot to give corona information

Special Correspondent,, Dhaka
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Earlier, Messenger Chatbot was introduced by many IT-centric companies in the country. Later, the same service came on WhatsApp. And this time a Chatbot is also coming to the app-based communication platform Viber.

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said that their ministry is also going to launch a Chatbot on Viber platform. In the meantime, its soft launching has taken place. The Chatbot will be officially launched within the next few days.

Palak said that just as WhatsApp has 2.5 crore subscribers, the number of Viber users in the country is more than 1.5 crore. Of these 1.5 crore, many may also use WhatsApp. But the number of people who are accustomed to using Viber is not less. Such an initiative has been taken to convey the message of awareness and caution about corona to them as well.

Like WhatsApp, this Chatbot will work against a specific mobile phone number.

The Division of Information and Communication Technology has already launched a telemedicine service for expatriate Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia using the communication app Imo. As a result of launching the Viber Chatbot, the government is using all the popular mobile communication apps in the country for the service of corona.

Besides, the government is also taking the help of Facebook and Google for disseminating information, said the state minister.

Palak said the ICT division launched a website called Live Corona a few days ago. The site will now be integrated into Viber Chatbot - which was also in the case when WhatsApp Chapbot was launched. As a result, even after using Viber, the user can get an idea by following certain procedures whether he is at risk of getting infected with coronavirus or not.
It is learned that the government is taking the help of the local organization Preneur Lab to launch Chatbot on Viber.

Arif Nizami, CEO of the company, said that a large part of the country's Internet users use WhatsApp and Viber. That is why the government wants to use these two platforms.
Earlier, various business organizations have created WhatsApp and Viber Chatbots from Preneur Lab, which are also used for many urgent purposes, said Nizami