5 Leftover Foods making you sick

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Leftover eggs and rice are harmful for health

Leftover eggs and rice are harmful for health

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We have this tendency to keep leftover foods to consume later.

This might seem a very harmless and normal practice. But do you know, your last night leftover dinner could make you sick and could be harmful for you!

Storing leftover foods in low temperature might work to keep them a bit fresh for longer, but not all of them are safe to eat. Here you need to know about 5 basic leftover foods, which could create health problems.



In leftover rice a microorganism called Bacillus Cereus multiplies at room temperature. It could create food poisoning. To avoid this problem try to finish cooked rice and refrigerate leftover rice as soon as it is cooked. Avoid keeping it outside at room temperature more than 2 hours.


A food scientist and principal Kantha Shelke says, eggs contain specific bacteria named Salmonella. Usually eggs are cooked in low heat and short duration, which doesn’t kill that bacteria properly. When we keep leftover egg for further use, the bacteria multiplies itself in a dangerous level. Not to mention, it’ll be harmful for health and can create stomach pain.


Though potatoes need much higher heat and duration to be cooked, it has similar fate as eggs, says Shelke. During after 1 hour of cooking, potatoes are good to go. But as it gets cooler by the time with room temperature, bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum start growing in potatoes.



Your favorite bird meat also works the same way as eggs. In leftover chicken Salmonella bacteria grow in large number over time. To reuse leftover chicken you need to be careful about the cooking procedure. Try to cook chicken in stove, as in oven it doesn’t get proper heat to be cooked. And whenever you need to use leftover chicken, heat it twice to make sure it’s okay to eat.

Sea foods


When sea foods could be the healthier option, leftover sea foods could do harm real bad. Sit for an hour outside in room temperature can make it rotten easily. To keep it for longer refrigerate any sea foods within an hour.