BNP elect MPs are positive for oath taking

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Dhaka, ( The BNP-elect six MPs are showing positive attitude in taking oath by April 29, the last cut out date to remain MP in the 11th Jatiyo Sangsad(JS). Meanwhile they informed the party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir that they are under pressure from the people of their respective areas to take oath. Mirza Fakhrul told them to make wait.

Some of the MPs elect told Barta that if the government releases BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia within April 30 then they are ready to take oath. While they were asked that if it does not happen such then what they will do, they did not give any direct reply.

Six BNP nominated candidates were elected on last December 30 in the 11th Jatiyo Sangsad poll. The elected MPs are Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir-Bogura -6, Mosharraf Hossain-Bogura-4, Md. Harun-or-Rashid-Chapai Nawabganj -3, Aminul Islam- Chapai Nawabganj-2, Zahidur Rahman- Thakurgaon-3 and Ukil Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan- Brahmanbaria-2.

But after the election BNP brought allegation that ‘Awami League snatched victory through worst poll rigging and termed it as vote docoity’. Simultaneously BNP along with Jatiyo Oikkya Front demanded fresh election under a neutral and non partisan government.

On last April 15 the elected five MPs held a meeting with Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir at the Gulshan office of Begum Khaleda Zia and discussed the matter of taking oath within the cut out date. It is learnt that Mirza Fakhrul strictly instructed them to wait till the decision of the party high command.

Mosharraf Hossain MP elect from Bogura-4 told Barta that, ‘on that day we sat in a tea session. Party secretary general had said that we will take decision collectively. Mosharraf quoting Mirza Fakhrul said that we should not do anything beyond party decision. We will follow the party decision,’ he added.

Giving his personal opinion Mosharraf Hossain said that, ‘as I do BNP politics, so people elected me among only six across the whole country. My leader, an aged woman is now in jail because of politics. She lost her one son and another son Tareque Rahman is now exiled in London. If they can make such big sacrifices then why I will not do a small sacrifice. I will not go beyond party decision, he said.

Zahedur Rahman MP elect from Takhurgaon-3 thinks that we should speak out in JS regarding the release of Khaleda Zia. He told Barta, ‘I have informed the party secretary general that I am under constant pressure of the people of my area. My thinking is that we should place the demand of the release of Khaleda Zia in the JS. If we do not take oath the government will not definitely collapse. However I am still faithful to my party and I will not go beyond party decision.’

There is a strong rumor that BNP can go to JS in exchange of the release of Khaleda Zia. But BNP is not interested to get the release on parole. She should be released on bail which is her obligatory constitutional right, Zahedur Rahman added.

Ukil Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan of Brahmanbaria-2 said Barta that, ‘we are all interested in taking oath. We were elected after tough struggle so definitely we have some desires. When asked If the party takes decision not to take oath, he replied that at the moment I cannot tell anything. However I will not do anything beyond party decision.

Md. Harun or Rashid elected from Chapai Nawabgnaj -3 told that, ‘the party secretary general cautioned us as well as congratulated us because we were elected under such adverse situation. He also cautioned us not to break party discipline and not to take any decision beyond party.’