BB allows travelers to carry 10 thousand dollars without declaration

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Bangladesh Bank issued a notification on Monday(Feb.4) to the effect that a traveler can carry 10 thousand dollars or its equivalent currency.
Earlier, the dollar amount was equal to US dollar 5000 made in February of 2015 which has now been raised to 10 thousand dollars.
The ‘currency imports and exports’ notification signed by Deputy Governor Ahmed Jamal of Bangladesh Bank, said, "US dollar 10 thousand or equivalent amount of foreign currency" will be replaced by foreign currency instead of the phrase "foreign currency of US dollar 5 thousand.

As a result of this, the limit of taking up to 12 thousand dollars a year has been set. From now on, a Bangladeshi will be able to carry 10 thousand dollars without any declaration while going abroad and can carry the same amount of dollars without declaration when coming from abroad.

According to the rules, non-declaration dollars can be redeemed by the non-resident Bangladeshis at any time after returning and can convert into Bangladeshi currency or can deposit as foreign currency. However, more than this amount of dollars has to be declared within 30 days of redemption. Any amount of foreign currency can be brought in the country by filling FMJ form to the Customs authority.

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