Trump got 3 Electoral College votes in Alaska

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Dhaka: The poll results of Alaska were announced a week after the US presidential election. The number of Electoral College votes in that state is three. Incumbent President Donald Trump has won. However, Democrat candidate Joe Biden has already confirmed his victory as president.

This information has been known from the international news agency AP.

In Alaska, 65 percent of the vote has already been counted. Of these, Trump got 1 lakh 46 thousand 624 votes. And Democrat candidate Joe Biden got 1 lakh two thousand 70 votes.

In order to be elected President of the United States, at least 270 out of 538 electoral votes have to be confirmed. In this election, Biden was able to secure 290 Electoral College votes. With the victory in Alaska, Trump's Electoral College got 216 votes.

In addition, Biden received 76.3 million or 50.6 percent of the total popular vote. And Trump got 71.6 million or 48.6 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump's term in the White House ends on January 20 next year. However, he is reluctant to accept Joe Biden's victory as the 46th president of the United States. Trump has already announced that he will continue his legal battle, alleging widespread vote rigging in the election.