Mysterious Play boy Aziz Mohammad Bhai!

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Aziz Mohammad Bhai, Photo: Collected

Aziz Mohammad Bhai, Photo: Collected

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Aziz Mohammad Bhai is generally known as a film producer and a business man. But there is lot of mysteries around him. The end title ‘Bhai’ of his name has brought him into more discussions. He inherited this title from his father Mohammad Bhai. From the very young age his name spread as a play boy creating lot of controversies. There are many mouth watering stories around him due to his activities.

The involvement of Aziz Mohammad Bhai in killing actors and scandal with an innumerable number of actresses of both Bangladesh and India are well publicized. Besides, his name is associated with drug trafficking. But as there is no solid evidence against these crimes so he remained always beyond the net of law enforcing agencies.

At present he is living in Thailand. He was outside the press coverage for some time but the recent anti-casino drive of the government has brought him again in the lime light. On Sunday (Oct.28) an anti- drug raid was conducted by Directorate of Narcotics Control(DNC) in the house of Aziz Mohammad Bhai located at Gulshan-2. The DNC men searched out a mini-bar and Casino equipments on the roof of his house. The DNC team seized several bottles of foreign liquor, Ganja, Shisha materials and Casino equipments.

Aziz Mohammad Vai With his Family 

Aziz Mohammad Bhai is a Shiaite Muslim and belongs to the Ismailia community of Prince Karim Aga Khan. Mohammad Bhai migrated to Bangladesh from Gujrat of India. This rich family initially started living in the Aramanitola area of old Dhaka.

Though he had family business but gradually Aziz Mohammad entered in the film arena to finance films with the object of coming nearer to the actresses, it is learnt. Olympic battery, Olympic biscuit –bread was their family business. Later on he started a medicine manufacturing company known as Ambee Pharmaceuticals.

Heroine MoonMoon Sen 

Aziz Mohammad Bhai came to high discussion when he brought Tallyganj heartthrob MoonMoon Sen, daughter of great Indian actress Suchitra Sen. Later on MoonMoon visited Dhaka a number of time as his guest.

It is learnt that Life Member of SAARC chamber Aziz Mohammad Bhai set up connections with the notorious Don of this sub-continent Daud Ibrahim at whose suggestions Aziz Mohammad entered into Dhallywood filmdom of Bangladesh.

His production house AMBEE films so far produced about fifty films. At the very initial time scandal with a number of film actresses has begun. He has allegedly killed actor Sohel Chowdhury, husband of actress of Parvin Sultana Diti in the eighties. This killing occurred in the Trumphs Club located at Kamal Atartuk Avenue of Gulshan.

It is also alleged that he had a hand behind the killing of rising hero Salman Shah. Police interrogated him a number of times but could do nothing finding no evidence against him.

There is also interesting allegation that he got involved in women controversies during Ershad regime and was arrested by the police but he was released immediately following interference of Prince Karim Aga Khan, Imam of Ismailia sect who personally came to Dhaka to ensure his release.

But Aziz Mohammad Bhai does not care all these allegations and accusations. He is passing his Thailand days with much ease and comfort. He has hotel and resort businesses in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His Gulshan residence is being looked after by his brothers and sisters.