Changing Work Culture During Lockdown

Ehasaas Kanjilal, Contributing Correspondent, Delhi, India
Changing Work Culture During Lockdown, Photo: Collected

Changing Work Culture During Lockdown, Photo: Collected

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After a due amount of time post lockdown the work from home concept took charge of the grown up brains. The 9-5 job has turned into a 5-9 job and with the excess work pressure and work load, the stress and anxiety in the working class has undoubtedly increased.

'Work from home is much more stressful than work from office as the workload has increased and the communication skills have weakened. Instead of working for 8hours the workload has doubled and thereby has considerably increased the work hours' said a senior journalist while talking about the changing work culture during lockdown.

Marketing head at pharmaceutical company said, 'There's no pros to work from home! You have to get up early in the morning, wear the same office attire and sit in front of laptop with 10% extra workload than work from office. The much of communication and coordination has detoriated. I'm definitely not enjoying the work from home concept!'

According to experts, under the current circumstances, the boundary between personal life and professional life has become blurred. As a result of which, most people are stressed and find it very difficult to concentrate on their work.

But considering the ongoing reality, many offices has instructed there workforces to continue their duties from home. It is, indeed, a changing work culture that has been taking place during lockdown situation due to coronavirus pandemic.