Mixed reaction in JP over change of Secretary General

Special Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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GM Quader removed the Secretary General before announcing the full committee of the Jatiya Party(JP). There has been a mixed reaction within the Jatiya Party to the change of secretary general in such a short time.

The people of the opposition group of Secretary General Moshiur Rahman Ranga are very happy about this incident. However, they do not think that choosing Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu as an alternative is the right decision. And the pro- Ranga group is naturally unhappy. Liberals, on the other hand, have expressed frustration. Their statement is that such a sudden change of Secretary General was not pleasant for the party at all.

When Hussein Muhammad Ershad had made the decision then, the liberals hoped that this trend would now be abolished as GM Quader came to lead the party. But they are keeping GM Kader one step ahead of Ershad. Because even last week he had a continuous program with Ranga but now he is fired.

The Jatiya Party Council was held on December 28. In that council, the posts of Chairman and Secretary General were announced. After that the list of different posts was published in stages. These announced lists were also published with modifications. There are still several vacancies in the full committee, including the presidium members. Shortly after the council, politics came to a standstill due to Corona. At the same time, the removal of the Secretary-General has given rise to various discussions. Various analyses are coming.

Some people think that the Chairman and the Secretary General have not been in agreement for a long time. The Secretary General did not work with responsibility in any part of the party. Again, some people think that GM Quader has removed the Secretary General to please a special quarter. Another group thinks that there are two or three factions of Jatiya Party in Rangpur.

Among them, RCC Mayor Mostafizur Rahman Mostafa is in GM Quader's confidant. This group was also unhappy with Ranga. Ranga had worst relation with Chairman’s nephew Asif Shahriar who recently returned to JP.

Whatever may be the reason;  there are both happy and unhappy reactions in the party. However, many do not want to accept Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu as an alternative and worthy. They think that before this Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu was the Secretary General. Then his organizational capacities are known. If only ABM Ruhul Amin Hawladar had been given, the party would have been strengthened. What had happened now will not be of much benefit to the party.

On condition of anonymity, several top leaders said that this example was not good for GM Quader. Leaders will lose confidence in him. Many thought that GM Quader would take time to decide which he had informed at various meetings. ‘I don't like to bring reshuffles in the party all on a sudden.’ he had said. This is a loss to the party. What had happened in the past will not happen again.

Outgoing Secretary General Moshiur Rahman Ranga told Barta24.com, ‘I don't know anything.’ Why he has been removed from the post of Secretary General.

Several media workers called Jatiya Party chairman GM Quader to respond to the incident, but he did not respond.

Before the last parliamentary elections, on December 3, 2018, Ranga was brought replacing the then Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin Hawlader suddenly by the party chairman HM Ershad. Then on December 28, 2019, Ranga, the leader of the Motor Owners' Association, was re-elected as the Secretary General in the council.