The size of ADP above two lakh crore for 2019-20 fisca

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Approval has been given to Taka two lakh two thousand 721 crore for the Annual Development Program(ADP) for 2019-20 fiscal year. The amount is the highest of all ADPs announced so far in country’s history.

The Planning Commission prepared the draft ADP for 2019-20 fiscal. Without the contribution of the autonomous bodies the size of the ADP would be two lakh two 721 crore this time. The ADP has increased by 21 percent than the revised ADP amounting to Taka 35 thousand crore.

The ADP will meet the requirements of Taka one lakh 30 thousand 921 crore from own fund while the rest Taka 71 thousand 800 crore will come foreign assistances. In the new ADP highest allocation has been made to the transport sector including the Padma bridge and the railway link in the Padma bridge.

A meeting of the National Economic Council (NEC) was held on Tuesday (May21) to fix the size of ADP was held at NEC meeting room. The Planning Commission made the proposals for ADP for the development work of the next year.

The meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina began at 10 in the morning. Every year the ADP is finalized in NEC meeting.

After the meeting Planning Minister M.A. Mannan said that in the NEC meeting ADP of Taka two lakh two thousand 721 crore was placed. The Prime Minister has given final approval. This is a record ADP approval. This is for the first time that ADP above Taka two lakh crore was approved.

The allocation of Taka 52 thousand 805 crore for metro rail, Padma bridge and Padma rail link has been approved which is 26.5 percent of the total ADP.

On the other hand the power sector will get Taka 26 thousand 17 crore 13 lakh which is second highest allocation and also 12.83 percent of ADP. Physical planning, water supply and housing sector is the third highest with the allocation of Taka 24 thousand 324 crore, 12 percent of ADP.

Besides, in education and religious sector the allocation is Taka 21 thousand 379 crore 12 lakh, Rooppur nuclear power plant construction along with science, information and ICT sector the allocation is Taka 17 thousand 541 crore 26 lakh.

In rural development and rural institutions sector the allocation is Taka 15 thousand 157 crore 40 lakh, health, nutrition, population control and family welfare sector the allocation is Taka 13 thousand 55 crore 47 lakh, in agriculture sector the allocation is Taka 7615 crore 93 lakh and in water resource sector Taka 5652 crore 90 lakh.

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