Gold price enhanced with effect from Wednesday (Jan.6)

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Photo: Collected

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The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to increase the price of gold by around Tk. 2,000 per Tola from next Wednesday (January 6).

The decision was taken by Bajus' executive committee on Tuesday (January 5) night, according to a press release. On last December 2, Bajus reduced the price of gold by Tk.1,166.

According to the new decision, the price of gold is increasing by Tk. 1,983. As a result, the price of good quality 22 carat gold will be TK. 74,650 rupees, 21 carat 71,500 rupees, 18 carat 62,752 rupees and traditional gold ornaments will be sold at 52,430 rupees. However, the price of silver will remain unchanged.

On Tuesday, 22 carat gold was sold at Tk. 72,006, 21 carat gold at Tk. 69,516, 18 carat gold at Tk. 60,069 and traditional gold at Tk. 50,446.

It is learned that the second wave of Corona pandemic, instability in the transfer of power of the President of the United States and the decline in oil prices have led to instability in the price of gold in the world market. Gold is currently being sold at 1950 dollar per ounce.

Incidentally, the price of gold was changed 14 times in the country's market from January to December last year. Of which it has increased eight times and decreased 7 times. Last year the price of gold increased by Tk. 12,308 per Tola.

On August 6 last year, gold was sold at a maximum price of Tk.12306 per Tola in the history of the country. However, in 1971, gold was sold at a minimum price of only TK.160.