"Responsibility should be shown in the exercise of power"

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President Md. Shahabuddin urging upon the judges to take care not to abuse the power said, 'Power and responsibility are closely related. Power must be exercised to perform duties. Again, responsibility should be shown in the exercise of power.

He said this at the opening ceremony of the two-day conference titled 'Constitutional Courts of South Asia in the 21st Century: Lessons from Bangladesh and India' at the Inner Court Yard of the Supreme Court on Friday (February 23) at noon.

Addressing the judges, President Md.Sahabuddin said, "The rule of law and justice must be ensured by being responsible to the country and the people and the constitution."

The head of state expressed hope that "judicial candidates will get justice in the shortest possible time at very low cost and the judges will ensure justice through their talent and thoughtfulness."

Stating that the judiciary must participate in the overall development and prosperity of the country, the President said, "The government is strongly committed to ensure the transparency, efficiency and accountability of the judiciary."

President Sahabuddin mentioned, 'Bangladesh Supreme Court started its journey on December 18, 1972 and since its inception it has been working to protect basic human rights of people, establish rule of law and provide justice to justice seekers in a short time.'

He said, "On August 15, 1975, the anti-independence forces captured the state power by killing the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the dreamer of Sonar Bangla and his family. But the Supreme Court did not allow the blueprint of the conspirators to be implemented. The Bangladesh Supreme Court declared the 5th and 7th amendments of the constitution illegal and established the democratic rights of the people of the country.

The Head of State respectfully recalled the role of the judges and lawyers of the Supreme Court who never surrendered to the barrel of a gun and never sold their conscience.

He said that Bangladesh and India, as two friendly countries in South Asia, have crossed a unique path in their respective journeys to establish the rule of law, develop democracy and protect constitutional continuity. President said that both Bangladesh and India have witnessed instances where the Judiciary has intervened to protect the rights of marginalized communities, uphold the principles of environmental sustainable development and good governance.

Referring to India as our closest neighbor and friendly country, President Sahabuddin expressed sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of the people of Bangladesh for India's cooperation and solidarity in the Liberation War in 1971.

He said that since independence, bilateral and diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and India are gradually expanding in various sectors including trade and investment. He opined that the judicial departments, judges and people of both countries can benefit by exchanging experience and training programs between the judicial departments, judges and related officials of the two countries.

The President also asked the Constitutional Courts of Bangladesh and India to focus on issues such as de-cluttering cases, access to justice and judicial accountability, as well as taking concerted steps for the development of the judiciary.

He said that judges and people of both countries can benefit by exchanging experience and training programs between judges and related officers of the two countries.

Sahabuddin said that Chief Justice of India Dr. Dhananjay Jaswant Chandrachud attended this international conference and gave international multi-dimensionality to the conference.

The President welcomed all the guests including the judges of Supreme Court of India and Kolkata High Court. Bangladesh achieved through the liberation war is now a role model of development in the world. He urged everyone to work together to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by continuing this trend of development.

Bangladesh Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan, Chief Justice of India Dr. Dhananjay Jaswant Chandrachud, Law Minister Anisul Haque, Attorney General Abu Mohammad Amin Uddin, President of Supreme Court Bar Association Momtaz Uddin Fakir and Appellate Division Justice Borhan Uddin.  Spoke in the event.

Besides, retired Chief Justice, judges of both divisions of Bangladesh Supreme Court, judges of Supreme Court of India and Kolkata High Court, leaders of Supreme Court Bar Association, members of Parliament and learned lawyers were also present. 


Erdoğan's meeting with Ismail Haniyah

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a meeting with Ismail Haniyah, the leader of the Palestinian independence organization Hamas, who is visiting Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed the importance of Palestinian unity in the meeting.

On Saturday (April 20), the two leaders met in Istanbul for about two and a half hours, Turkish media reported.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh was welcomed at Dolmabak Palace in Istanbul. Members of his delegation were also with him at that time. One of the most important leaders of Hamas was Khaled Mashal.

Turkish state media TRT reported that Erdogan and Haniyah discussed a ceasefire and relief in Gaza.

"It is very important that the Palestinians work together in this process," Erdogan said in a statement after the meeting, calling on Palestinians to unite in order to win against occupying Israel. The strongest action against Israel and the path to victory depend on unity and integrity.”

Erdoğan's meeting with Haniyah was not taken well by the occupying Israel. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz condemned the meeting in a post on the micro-blogging site X.

On October 7, the war between the Palestinian armed group Hamas and Israel began. More than 34,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in this war so far. Turkish President Erdogan has been condemning Israel's brutality since the beginning of the war. He said he and his country would side with Hamas in the war against Israel.


Blind astrologer Baba Bhanga's words are going to be true!

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When Iran and Israel face the Gaza issue, everyone is worried! Everyone's question - what is going to happen? Which way is the world? Is the world on the same path as the blind astrologer Baba Bhanga had expressed his apprehension about? World War III! Or a terrible 2024!

It has been 27 years since the woman who was skilled in astronomy left the illusion of the world. But for more than 3000 years from now, she has predicted what will happen in the world in any year. The world has already realized that all her words are not completely false. The most recent is the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic was also mentioned in the prophecy of Baba Bhanga.

And her statement about 2024 was that it will be a year shrouded in terrible blackness. Those fears include terrorist attacks across Europe, a global economic crisis and the use of biological weapons. She even calculated that there would be an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This Bulgarian astrologer died in 1996. She was called the Nostradamus of the Balkans. In those days of astrology, Baba gave a list of what would happen on Earth by leap years until the year 5079. In the years since her death, some events have matched her calculations, and many have begun to believe them to be true. Her calculations showed 2024 as a black year. In this situation, many people are looking forward to see whether any predictions of Baba Bhanga will come to fruition. It is being published so far as a result of those words.

I have already talked about the Covid-19 pandemic. But another burning memory in this list is the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States. Baba Bhanga predicted this possible attack in 1989. Said birds made of steel will come and crush America's pride. That came true. Four planes came and broke the pride of the skyscraper and took away 3000 fresh lives. Baba Bhanga meant the airplane by the steel bird.

In 1966, Baba Bhanga was a prediction of the covid-19 pandemic. She warned that Corona will spread among all of us. The Daily Star quoted a 73-year-old woman named Neshka Stefanova Robeva. She said before her death, Baba Bhanga told her the words. Then she did not even understand the meaning of this word?

It is said that Baba Bhanga also told the year of her death correctly. She said she would die on August 11, 1996 at the age of 85. Her words are also claimed to be true. She died of breast cancer that year.

The world has not forgotten about the tsunami of 2004 even today. The tsunami that washed away Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other countries. Before the day of the tsunami, did anyone know that something like this was going to happen! No, but Baba Bhanga said that a huge wave will come and wash away the localities, towns and ports beyond the sea coast. Everything will sink under the water. It happened so. She said, everything will melt like ice cream.

The Kursk submarine disaster of 2000 was also mentioned in the prophecy of Baba Bhanga. She said Kursk would be submerged in water. And the world will cry. 118 people died in the Kursk accident. Divers were able to reach Kursk after eight days and it was known to be submerged in 350 feet of water.

The assassination of the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, was also on the list of predictions of this Bulgarian astrologer. This murder happened in 1984. Which in 1969, the Baba Bhanga predicted. She said, her clothes will destroy her. Amidst the smoke and flames I see orange-yellow clothing. On October 31, 1994, the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated, she was wearing a saffron colored saree.

This female astrologer also knew the news of the rise of two US presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. She said, a black man is going to be the 44th president of the United States. But her other words were not true. Baba Bhanga said that would be the last black president of the United States because Barack Obama was re-elected for the 45th term as president. She predicted the 45th, when the United States would be in crisis. But that coincided with Donald Trump. Many prefer to compare the issue with the events on Capitol Hill in 2020.

During her 50 years of practicing astrology, Baba Bhanga had other predictions that came true. Among them was the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine in 1986, the assassination of Princess Diana in 1997.

But there were some predictions that didn't quite match up. Like 2023 natural birth will end, earth will change its rotation path; solar storm will happen none of these things happened. She also said that Europe would cease to exist by 2017, which did not materialize. However, those who believe in astronomy try to match the words with Britain's exit from the European Union in 2023.


Israeli attack in Gaza: death toll exceeds 34,000

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Another 42 Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes in the past 24 hours in the Palestinian-besieged Gaza. With this, the number of people killed in the Israeli barbaric attack in Palestine reached 34 thousand. Another 63 people were injured in the last 24 hours.

This information was revealed in a live update of Al-Jazeera news media on Saturday (April 20).

According to the report, Iran attacked Israel in response to the attack on the Iranian consulate. In response, Israel launched an attack on Isfahan, a city discussed for Iran's nuclear project. This incident has created a very volcanic situation in the Middle East and around the world.

In such circumstances, the death toll in Gaza reached 34,000.

According to Al-Jazeera citing the Ministry of Health of Gaza, at least 34 thousand 12 people have been killed in the Israeli attack in Gaza since October 7 last year. Meanwhile, 76 thousand 833 people were injured. The death toll in Israel has reached 1,139 since the October 7 attack by Hamas. There are also dozens of Israeli citizens imprisoned in Gaza. 


Lok Sabha elections are starting today in India

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Voting for the 18th Lok Sabha elections in India, the world's largest democracy, begins today on Friday. In seven phases, about 97 crore voters of the country will vote and elect their preferred representatives in different parts of the country. In the first phase, polling will be held today in a total of 102 constituencies in 21 states and union territories of the country. Among them are three centers in West Bengal. The constituencies are Cooch Behar, Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri.

Voting will start from 7 am on Friday (April 19) and will continue till 6 pm. Besides the central forces, the Election Commission has also trusted the state police for election security.

The main battle in the election is going to be between the ruling BJP-led NDA alliance and the Indian National Congress-led 'India' alliance. Bharatiya Janata Party, the main party of the ruling NDA alliance, is moving ahead with the target of 370 seats. And their target for alliance is 400 seats.

The Election Commission of India has completed all preparations for the polls on Friday. In the first phase, polling will be held in 102 constituencies on April 19. Security has been beefed up across the country ahead of polling.