Indian doctors are examining patients in Bangladesh through apps

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photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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Dhaka: Indian hospitals are taking the help of mobile app and Whats App video calls to catch patients in Bangladesh in present corona days. In the last few days there have been many ads on Facebook. All these advertisements have been made with pictures of specialist doctors of various hospitals in India.

Again, in these advertising Bengali language was also used.

It is reported that they have taken this alternative route for examining the Bangladeshi patients since the patients of Bangladesh cannot not show up their doctors physically in corona at Indian hospitals.
According to the concerned, anyone interested taking the help through Facebook ad click; he has to be registered first with several informations.

A reporter of a television channel in Bangladesh got her mother operated in a hospital in Bangalore, India, last month.

Just before the lockdown was announced in India, he returned with his mother to Dhaka. They were supposed to go again this April. However, he was able to get his mother's next checkup done through the mobile app after contacting him said the news man not to be identified.

It is learned that not only the doctor, but also the investigation reports and many more other reports are being shown online. They are also giving prescriptions online.

In Bangladesh too, there has been an increasing tendency to see doctors through online platforms in recent times, especially because of the closure of everything due to corona.

Prava Health, an online healthcare platform launched in Bangladesh three years ago. Sabik Hadi, brand manager for Prava, says at least 80 percent of health care is possible through online.

If the tests are done in alternative way of measuring blood pressure or blood sugar it is possible to provide services to 90 to 95 percent patients in Bangladesh.


And the Indian platforms are taking this opportunity in the health sector, he said.

Hadi said that many platforms have now introduced virtual services in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. And the number of patients is increasing there every day due to corona.

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