The Corona Street starts its humanitarian mission across Bangladesh led by ENA Chief

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The Corona Street starts its humanitarian mission across Bangladesh led by ENA Chief

The Corona Street starts its humanitarian mission across Bangladesh led by ENA Chief

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Corona Street Asia in Bangladesh started its journey to help Covid-19 victims through distributing food to corona affected families in Betbari union of Rangpur district led by Chief Editor of Eastern News Agency (ENA) Mr. Omar Yasser Mallick with Legal Consultant Khodeja Shifa and Team Leader Rangpur division Mohammad Rafiqul Islam to execute this humanitarian project.  Regarding the objectives of the organization Mr. Mallick said, “It will continue to work all over Bangladesh gradually under the call of Corona Street and Safe Nation to help Covid-19 victims and to supply necessary medicines and PPEs as when it requires".

The mother company is East West Connect located in Silicon Valley USA, founded by Dr.Andrey Griogoriev Chairman and Founder CEO Ivan Lakshinsky of Eastern Europe.

Ivan Lakshinsky is the creator of Corona Street and Safe-Nation, two projects that successfully keep people both informed and supported during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In the recent past, Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State quoted in the Daily Business Ledger News of USA that Corona Street is keeping updated information of Coronavirus and serving the nation globally with valid updates of information.

According to Ivan Lakshinky, Corona Street is a one-stop platform for everyone who wants to move into a new changing world without fear, sharing own stories about new world challenges and meeting someone who could give support. The objectives are to find & support families from injustice, helping victims having inadequate food shortages and immediate medical treatment remedies.

Bangladesh was hit in early March 2020 by Covid- 19 Pandemic. Since the pandemic broke out, government of Bangladesh has taken a number of preventive measures namely closure of airports, isolation for the people coming from abroad and finally lock down the infected areas of the countries followed by general holidays. The government has also introduced various curative measure to traet the corona infected patients. Lockdown measures began from March 25 which has been extended a number of times till May 30.

Major trade and commercial activities including exports and imports are halted now. Meanwhile government has implemented a number of endowments for the pooor people both in cash and kind.    

Government has already lost huge revenue rather the expenditures have increased manifold used as the succor for the suffering masses

Corona Street Asia formed a foundation with the spirit to co-ordinate and arrange Food Relief and Medical assistance. The team supplied the Aid to Covid -19 victims of Bangladesh and initiated its mission from the Northern District of Rangpur, Bangladesh which shall gradually spread district wise and will cover all over Bangladesh to salvage the Covid- 19 victims.